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Style Guides

Rutgers Editorial Style Guide

Editorial guidelines have been developed for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in order to lend consistency and clarity to text and web communications. The Rutgers Editorial Style Guide is updated periodically to keep it current. The most recent version is dated November 1, 2019: 

Visual Identity Guidelines

The visual identity system, mandated by the Rutgers Board of Governors in 2006, defines the standards for using Rutgers' logos and other identity elements.

Official Colors and Typography 

Rutgers' official school color is scarlet. Rutgers scarlet is often used in conjunction with black, gray, and white. The Pantone® color system equivalent for Rutgers scarlet is Pantone® 186. 

The ITC Giovanni and Formata BQ font families have been chosen as the primary typefaces for Rutgers communications.The font families are available upon request at Palatino is an acceptable substitute when the ITC Giovanni typeface is not available.

SSW Logo and Shield 

The logo should appear on all approved Rutgers SSW events and must not be used for events that aren't endorsed by the School. Download hi-res versions of the logo and shield by visiting the Rutgers download zone. You can also find it in our shared P drive under Marketing/SSW Logos. Please note: we are no longer using the seal in our publications.

SSW-Specific Best Practices

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