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When will I know if my class runs?

Class cancellations are determined by enrollment numbers. If student enrollment is low, the class will be canceled. Dottie Bennett will send email notifications ahead of the semester.

When will I have access to my roster?

Notifications will be sent via the SSW Office of Student Affairs. Once your roster is live, confirm you have access here.

There are dates during the semester that I will not be able to teach, what can I do?

If you know these dates in advance, please contact Dr. Sam Jones

After class starts, whom should I contact for support?

I taught before in the SSW, but my Net ID doesn’t work, what can I do?

Your Net ID may need to be reactivated. Please call Dottie Bennett at 848-932-4334. Be prepared to provide your social security number and date of birth. 

When can I expect my syllabus and/or access to my course shell in Canvas?

Syllabi will be distributed as early as possible; time varies and it depends on updates on the content of the course. Typically, syllabi are distributed around the time of scheduled kick off calls, but times may vary depending on updates to course content. Once available, SSW staff will provide individual email contact to access the course.   

I am undergoing observation, what materials do I need?

What is the required book/desk copy for the course I teach?

The book list gets updated before the semester begins. Once all required books have been confirmed with course coordinator, Sheri Aguilar will email you the book list directly. Please wait until the email to order your desk copy/book.

I'm receiving emails from the publisher asking me to add resources/tools to my course, is this okay to do?

For a precise answer, please contact Dr. Sam Jones cc Sheri Aguilar.

It is normal for publishers to contact you marketing their books, material, resources. Publisher will often draft an email you can share with your students to access these resources. Be aware that these resources may have to be purchased by students and we do not market for the publishers. During the kick off calls, course coordinators will clarify and confirm if any online resources from publisher will be required for the course. 

However, deviate from editing course content on Canvas and your syllabus. If you identify an error on the course content or you believe some updates should be made, please contact Dr. Sam Jones. We welcome your suggestions to improve our SSW courses! You may also bring up your suggestions during the kick off calls.

I have not received my contract yet, why?

We appreciate your patience with this process. Please click here for up to date information.

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