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Resources for Summer 2021

Kick-off Calls

Please find information about our kick-off calls. We will not be holding class specific information but instead we will hold one for all our on the ground instructors and synchronous remote instructors on Thursday, May 20th at 5pm ET and one for all our asynchronous/fully online instructors on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm ET. All summer session instructors are required to attend. If you have any questions about your course format, please contact Dottie Bennett.

  • Synchronous Remote/On the Ground Kick-off Call (for all synchronous and OTG courses) | Thursday, May 20 at 7pm EST; Zoom link sent via email
    This meeting will go over logistics and best practices particular to the summer semester for all synchronous/OTG courses (running for 2 hours and 40 minutes each class session).
  • Asynchronous Online courses kick-off call (for all online courses) | Thursday, May 20 at 7pm EST; Zoom link sent via email
    This meeting will go over logistics and best practices particular to the summer semester for all asynchronous fully online courses.

Summer Session Schedule

Please note that a detailed schedule our summer session schedule is attached for our SR and OTG classes. These are 8 week classes that meet twice a week. They begin on Wednesday 6/2 and end on Monday 7/23. No classes are held on Monday 5/31 (Memorial Day) or Tuesday 6/1 (our advanced standings orientation). Download the Summer 2021 Academic Calendar here

Advanced Standing Students

The majority of folks in our OTG/SR classes will be teaching advanced standing students who are beginning their MSW studies this summer. This summer they will be taking research 2, CAD, and an ACP course. Please note that this differs than the past and advanced standing students will NOT be in field this summer.  

OTG classes/Testing/COVID Precautions

As an instructor teaching an in person class this summer semester, you will be required to be tested for COVID -19on a weekly basis even if you have been vaccinated (This is also true of students).  The test must be conducted not more than 7-10 days before arrival on campus to attend class.  After that point, instructors are required to complete a brief survey on the My Campus Pass symptom checker self-screening app each day on campus. In addition, all students, faculty, and staff coming to campus must wear a face covering while on campus, both inside and outside campus buildings. Classrooms are capped at 50% enrollment (hence, for a 30 person class you will be in a classroom that fits at least 60 students).  

Testing is available on all campuses to any member of the Rutgers community authorized to receive COVID-19 testing. Detailed instructions on testing sites and how to schedule and perform testing are available on our COVID-19 Testing Instructions webpage. Please review information on this page carefully. It is a fairly user-friendly process.  

Ongoing Student Issues

While we are fortunate that COVID is under relative control in NJ, we are certainly still feeling its effects. If you have any concerns about the mental or physical health of your students or ongoing attendance issues, please let Arlene Hunter/MSW advisors (MSW) or DuWayne Battle (BASW) know and we will have the student affairs or BASW team reach out. Relatedly, if your student has issues with hardware or internet access, please let them know as well and refer your students to their advisor. University and SSW resources may be available. 

Zoom Camera Issues and Recording

While many of us would like student cameras to be on and we can encourage it, please note that we cannot penalize students for not doing so. Please remember that some students may have privacy issues or may be struggling with childcare issues, among other things. Also, if you choose to record your zoom session with students please announce this at the start of the class and remind students about the need to maintain client confidentiality if they are discussing field education (i.e. no identifying information). You may want to turn the recording off if you are discussing sensitive information. As you are likely aware, you cannot share these recordings with anyone but the students in the class and you cannot use them for anything but class-related educational purposes. They should be destroyed at the end of the semester. Please note that SA will be sending a statement to students about recordings.

Zoom/CANVAS/Drop in Trainings

We are hosting zoom trainings, drop in trainings for CANVAS, and fully online/asynchronous teaching trainings.

  • Zoom Training | Various dates and times available; Zoom link sent via email
    ​This workshop will provide participants with information about how to use Zoom, from the basics of logging in/synching your Canvas course to how to utilize different tools within Zoom (i.e. breakout rooms, screen sharing, collaborative docs) to enhance engagement in your synchronous classroom.  In addition to the tech focus on how to use Zoom, time will be spent discussing some pedagogical best practices for using Zoom in your synchronous sessions. If you cannot make these times but have questions, please email for an individual session. 
    • Tuesday, May 25 at 5pm EST  
  • Drop-in Times for Support in Updating your CANVAS Course | Various dates and times available; Zoom link sent via email
    ​This workshop is geared toward those teaching in the synchronous-remote (SR) format, as an informal space to provide support and assistance in updating your asynchronous assignment due dates, how to publish items, and how to personalize components of your course. Please bring your specific questions to these drop-in hours, and stop in anytime within the hour! If you cannot make these times but have questions, please email for an individual session. 
    • Wednesday, May 26 at 12pm EST
    • Tuesday, June 1 at 12pm EST
  • Monthly Meetings for Asynchronous Online Teaching | Various dates and times available; Zoom link sent via email
    Engaging the Asynchronous Online Classroom: Ongoing dialogues: monthly check-ins for those teaching asynchronous online courses, opportunity to share best practices, ask questions/discuss concerns, and connect with others teaching online 
    • Monday, June 3 at 7pm EST
    • Thursday, July 8 at 7pm  EST
    • Thursday, August 5 at 7pm EST
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