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PTL Onboarding: NetID

What is a NetID?

Different from your RUID, NetIDs allow you access to essential Rutgers systems, like Canvas, Rutgers Libraries, Rutgers email, and parking. NetIDs are comprised of initials and a unique number. (e.g. jqs123) Your unique NetID will be generated after your contract is finalized. 


Emergency NetIDs (pre-contract NetID)

Need an emergency NetID? Contact Dottie Bennett at 848-932-4334 and be prepared to provide your social security number and date of birth. You should be notified of your emergency NetID approximately 24 hours later and it will not change once your contract is finalized. 


Activating Your NetID & Rutgers Email

After connecting with Dottie Bennett and/or finalizing your contract, you will receive an email notification. Follow the instructions provided in the email, or visit NetID Management & Service Activation.


Campus Computing (NetID) Help Desk


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