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PTL Onboarding: Employee Contract

The 411 on your contract

Before the semester begins, you will receive an email from Dottie Bennett to confirm your email address where you want all communication to go to. 

Contracts will be sent out before semester begins, we appreciate your patience. Please be sure to return the contract back to the email address noted in the paperwork: Sending your contract any other place will delay its processing. There is no need to cc Dottie Bennett or Patricia Toliver, this will not expedite the contract.

The business office will also email the remote I-9 process to new hires PTLs. I-9's will also have to be submitted to those ptl's who have not taught for at least a year as your previous I-9 has expired. The Business Office will identify you and send the remote I-9 process as well.

As a reminder, contracts not only have to be processed in our business office, but they will be passed on to university HR to add you to the payroll system. The business office will provide you with a link so you can set up your direct deposit, if you choose to, after you have been added to the payroll system. With that said, your 1st check will be a manual one

The sooner you get the contract back to with the corresponding info, the sooner we can pass it on to payroll for processing.

Should your course cancel for low enrollment or other reasons, Dottie will notify you before receiving the contract. Courses can still be canceled, even after contract has been returned, based on class enrollment. 

Thank you for your continued patience throughout this process.

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