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PTL Onboarding: Checklist

What do I need to do to get started with my course?

  • Know the course you are teaching, and if possible, its course number and section
  • Don’t forget to submit finalized contract and corresponding information
  • Call Dottie Bennett to establish your Net ID
  • Receive Desk Copy Guide
  • Receive Master syllabus; you should have received the latest version of the syllabus for the course you are teaching from Dottie Bennett
  • Review the syllabus in preparation for participation in the kickoff call
  • Receive date of your course kickoff call from Sheri Aguilar
  • Participate in the kickoff call
  • Receive finalized master syllabus from Sheri Aguilar
  • Personalize your syllabus by entering your name, office hours (by appointment is recommended), etc.
  • Check with Sheri Aguilar to make sure that you have access to Canvas and that your course is “live”
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