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Follow the steps below for basic instructions when using your Aastra (New Brunswick campus, only) desk phone. More information can be found here. Camden and Newark community members may contact for assistance. 

Dialing Basics 

  • In New Brunswick, to call a person in your building or on the New Brunswick campus: 
    • 932 numbers: 2 + last 4 digits 
    • 445 numbers: 5 + last 4 digits 

To call a person off campus or on a different campus

  • 8 + 1 + ###-###-#### 

International Calls* 

  • 8 + 011 + phone number

      *This may not be enabled on all phones. Please contact if you need this feature.  


  • Call your number 
  • When voice mail picks up, hit the * key 
  • Follow prompts 

Forgotten voice mail password

  • Go to 
  • Enter your NetID and password then click “Login” 
  • Step 1, select, “I need to report a problem”. 
  • Step 2, enter your phone number 
  • Step 3, select the checkbox for “Contact number is same as request number” 
  • In "request details", select your phone type, which will be a 6755i 
  • In "problem type" select the first checkbox:  “I can’t receive my voicemail – please reset my password” 
  • Click “submit request” 
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