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Creating Polls for Zoom Meetings

  1. Log into Zoom and open the meeting you want to create polls for. Click on the white Add button at bottom right. (NOTE: Only the meeting Host can prepare polls, but Co-hosts are able to launch them once ready.)
  2. In the resulting popup window, you can create as many polls as you wish (Blank form on the left). They can be single-choice or multiple-choice, and they can contain one or more questions.
  3. Saving your poll(s) returns you to the Meeting interface, which lists the poll(s) you have created at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once your meeting is underway, the Host or Co-hosts can launch the poll(s) from the black control bar (at the top or bottom of your screen) by clicking on the Polls button.
  5. Once you click on Polls in the above control bar (shown by the yellow arrow), Zoom will offer you to start the first poll the Host has created. But if you click on the down arrow in the resulting popup window, you can launch whichever poll you want by selecting it from the resulting list and clicking on the blue Launch Polling button.
  6. You can launch polls while showing your webcam video, a streaming video, a presentation, or even a whiteboard (as in this case). You can position the poll box anywhere on the Zoom screen. On participants’ screens, the poll will disappear once they make their choice and click the Submit button. The Host or the Co-hosts can time the poll, or close it at any point in time, making the results appear on everyone’s screen.

You can follow the above steps with actual screenshots on the printable guide.


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