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IT Service Portal

Meet the New Service Portal


Ways to ask for help with information technology at SSW


General support

Scope: Hardware trouble, networking issues, application difficulties

Email the Service Desk:

Your email creates a ticket in our system to track your request for help or services.Tickets are evaluated based on urgency and gravity, and an IT staff member will contact you as soon as possible

Available: 24/7 (IT staff on call 8 am to 5 pm on workdays)


Emergency: Telephone

Available: 24/7 (at least voice mail; IT staff on call 8 am to 5 pm on workdays, but they may be helping other users)


New Hire process

[Coming soon; until then, email]



[Coming soon; until then, email]


Guest NetID procedure

[Coming soon; until then, email]


Software Purchase

[Coming soon; until then, email]

[Consult standard Windows/Mac installations first]

[Consult list of SW available at Rutgers for free]

[Consult list of SW purchasable at Rutgers]

Special SW? Email:


Project Initiation

[Coming soon; until then, email]

Beta version [Submit a form; use only experimentally]


Data Warehouse support


Available: 24/7

Response time: Varies by issue; we work directly with DW managers


Data Security (Grant plans and grantor questionnaires)

Email: and

Available: 24/7

Response time: 24 hours during business days



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