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2020-22 Staff Council Members

2020-22 Leadership Structure

  • Chair | Samantha Michaele
  • Vice-Chair | Nicole Oceanak
  • Treasurer | Sheribel Aguilar


  • Communications | Sheribel Aguilar, Elizabeth Binstein, Bijal Jobanputra, Madison Molner (Lead), Jennifer Waddell
    • Ensures the staff community has accessible, transparent, and open communication from the School of Social Work and central University. The communication sub-group also shares and elevates the accomplishments and strength of our staff community.
  • Community Engagement | Sheribel Aguilar, Ciji Carr, Bijal Jobanputra, Nicole Oceanak (Lead)
    • Bridges the connections between internal and external SSW audiences through staff engagement, feedback collection, and designing initiatives to foster a more transparent, inclusive, and unified community.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Samantha Michaele, Nicole Oceanak
    • Facilitates the engagement of each member of the SSW Staff community around the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion acting as a voice for all staff in support of a constantly learning environment that appreciates the dignity and uniqueness of each member of our community, encourages constant conversations to increase awareness and understanding, and works to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to achieve their goals.
  • Strategic Planning | Samantha Michaele, Nicole Oceanak
    • Works to ensure the activities of the SSW Staff Council are in alignment with the SSW Strategic Plan.

Samantha Michaele, Chair

As Director of Business Services, I am proud to be a part of SSW’s world class staff and support an organization that is such a critical lifeline to people in NJ, the country, and our world. I know we all hold a unique and important place in the structure of SSW and I am honored to represent our staff body on the council. The experience I have serving on University committees and knowledge I hold of our systems, policies, and overall operations would help support vital conversations that will fuel change and impact our future at the School of Social Work. Subgroup: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Strategic Plan


Nicole Oceanak, Vice Chair

Nicole joined the Rutgers community in 2011 and the School of Social Work as a staff member in 2014. Beginning with her role at the Center on Violence Against Women and Children, Nicole learned how the research side is operated and how vital staff are in those settings. In her current role (Senior Program Coordinator-Online/Blended programs), she works alongside SSW field staff and faculty, community partners, and school of social work programs across the country. Nicole believes it is so important for mixed-level staff representation at the school to ensure all our voices are being heard and that there are opportunities for staff growth and recognition. ​Subgroup: Community Engagement; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Strategic Plan


Sheribel Aguilar, Treasurer

At the School of Social Work, Sheri works full-time as the Course Coordinator Liaison, she supports faculty and PTLs in a wide range of duties since 2018. Sheri also works at a private agency providing psychological services to DCPP families since 2017. She graduated with her Master’s in Social Work, a proud Rutgers alumna, and was elected to #RUSSW Staff Council in 2020 . The Staff Council responsibilities identifies and moves into the forefront key topics that are important to staff. Sheri aims to serve on those key topics to catapult the professional success of her colleagues forward, while integrating those experiences to the benefit of the school. Sheri enjoys volunteering time in her community with her son and walking her dog in the dog park. ​Subgroup: Communications; Community Engagement


Elizabeth Binstein

During my time at IFF, I have worked in positions ranging from research assistant to field placement supervisor and have served on the HR Workgroup and Organizational Health Committee. These experiences have allowed me to view the Institute and school from various lenses, understand employee needs in different roles, and learn how our organization and employees within it can best function and thrive. Armed with this experience, the foundation I have gained from my MSW, and the new skills I am gaining in working toward my MBA, I very much looking forward to the chance to serve as a representative! ​Subgroup: 


Ciji Carr-McManus

My name is Ciji Carr-McManus and I work for the Learning and Development Team at the New Jersey Child Support Institute (NJCSI) with the Institute for Families (IFF). I am honored to receive nominations for the SSW Staff Council. The implementation of the Strategic Plan is a very important and progressive step. Some have read my call to action letter submitted this spring, however; my passion towards equal justice and serving my community extends far beyond this year. Through my crusades of activism and community service, I have received an NAACP; Notable Woman of New Jersey; and Public Service award. Having a seat at this council, will help me continue fighting towards equality. ​Subgroup: Community Engagement; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Kathleen Gilbert

I am a Business Specialist working in the Business Services Unit of SSW. Having been a member of the School of Social Work for 7 years, spending the majority of that time working with the Institute for Families and the past two years with Business Services. I feel now, more than ever, it is important to be involved in educating and training both myself and others in the critical matters relating to social and economic justice. The Staff Council has done an excellent job of this, and I would consider it an honor to work towards furthering their mission.


Bijal Jobanputra

I am a proud alumnus of Rutgers (BA Psychology). I began working with the SSW family in 2009 and have the pleasure of working with various departments. I provide support to Field Education, BASW, Faculty/PTLs, MSW Student Affairs, assist with event planning on the Camden campus, and support various entities. I am honored to represent and advocate for everyone and believe having a diverse experience will help me serve as a well-rounded representative. My experience will help to advocate the needs of our Staff, sustain and foster open communication with the Dean’s office, and take part in making a satisfying work environment within our diverse population on all three campuses. Subgroup: Communications; Community Engagement


Jennifer Waddell

I joined the SSW in January 2018 as a Senior Program Coordinator at the Center on Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) where I manage the Center's daily operational needs. In my role, I have the pleasure of working with over 40 brilliant people. I also enjoy working closely with other VAWC leadership to develop policies and practices that support the Center's mission and culture. In the past, I have worked in program management and policy development for the U.S. Army, the Girl Scouts, and the YMCA. I am pursuing an executive master of public administration degree at Rutgers- Camden. Subgroup: Communications

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